A downloadable MCP, mega city police for Windows

The full version is available now on Steam!

Hello everyone!

My name is Andreu. I’m a solo dev of Mega City Police - a Fast-Paced Action Roguelike inspired by old-school action movies from 80s and 90s like Robocop, Judge Dredd, Terminator, Total Recall, etc. about tough cops fighting crime and corrupt MegaCorp using tons of weapons, upgrades, and special abilities that offer a unique tactical playing style. 


  • Hardcore gameplay with tons of weapons and upgrades.
  • Every cop boasts a unique tactical playstyle
  • Pixel Art visual style inspired by the 80s and the 90s action movies and videogames
  • High replayability, a robust progression system, and procedurally generated levels

Mega City Police: Prelude currently has:

  • MCPD Hub
  • First level with the boss
  • 3 playable characters
  • 3 difficulties

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Thank you for your cooperation. Good night! c)


MCP 0.994 Prelude.zip 177 MB

Install instructions

Click download now to get access to the following files. Extract the files and launch MCP.exe

Development log


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Love your game, what is the shader or filter that make your game look like that

Hey, thank you! This is what you would call a CRT shader; it was my foray into shader coding, I mostly followed tutorials and different resources. Started small with just the horizontal scanlines but ended up with vertical scanlines, radial distortion (the curvature effect), gamma and saturation :)


Can't wait for the final Game. This is really well made and is a fun Game to pass the time to be honest. Even if it is just a demo


<3 Thank you for your support! You can stay in-touch of development on my Twitter page if you're interested!


watch now

Awesome man! Glad you liked Mega City Police :)


Made a video

(2 edits) (+3)

Thank you that was a nice video, I'm also still working on console since it's not fully-supported yet but will be compatible in the near future!


love it ..please make full story ..and music epic ;D

Oooh! Thank you so much! :D


Awesome demo!

I love the art, specially the menus. The game is challenging, responsive and fun to play! 

Good job! (>¨)>


Heyy! Thank you for the nice words!


love this one! 


Very awesome game, love the gameplay and the art style but I think some props are wasted on the side of the map like the boxes or the cars. I know making props randomly generated on a map that is also randomly generated is hard but it would make it even more fun because I think it needs more cover for the player.


Epic work here...overall feel is a solid 10...sound design is done really well...guns are punchy, sign me up for the full release.


Thank you so much! You can follow us on Twitter to be notified when the launch happens :)


I love the art style! I played the game a little bit and it feels very polished overall. You should add an option to disable the shader. The shader looks nice in screenshots and here on your Itch.io page but in the game it feels like a distraction.


Хорошее начало =)


H-h-hell yeah! You got my attention, buddy


Very happy to see that!